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Funfetti Angel Food Cake

Funfetti Angel Food Cake

In Birthday, Dessert, Holiday, Sweet On 05/03/2019 0 Comments

36, baby!!!!! And this year, I decided to make my own birthday cake again. Instead of going for something huge, tall, and stacked, like I’ve always done, I… Read More »

Savtah's Zucchini Bread

Savtah’s Zucchini Bread

In Bread, Dessert, Holiday, Sweet On 10/17/2018 0 Comments

This zucchini bread means so much to me and not just because it tastes so good! It holds very fond memories of my Savtah Adina, who I have… Read More »

Guiltless Crustless Pecan Pie

Guiltless Pecan Pie

In Dessert, Gluten Free, Healthy Choices, Holiday, Sweet On 10/19/2017 2 Comments

I love a flakey crust as much as the next gal but that crust doesn’t always love me back. Between my type 1 diabetes and a very real… Read More »

Whole Wheat Honey Cake

Whole Wheat Honey Cake

In Dessert, Healthy Choices, Holiday, Sweet On 09/11/2017 7 Comments

I am so proud of this cake and not just because it tastes great! If you follow me on Instagram and follow my stories, you know all about my… Read More »

Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast Waffles

In Bread, Breakfast, Dessert, Diet, Sweet On 04/23/2015 3 Comments

Who says dieting has to be boring, right?!? Yes, that’s right, these French Toast Waffles are completely diet friendly and I am very happy about that. Instead of… Read More »

Red Palm Oil Chicken Empanadas

In Dinner, Gluten Free, Lunch, Savory On 03/31/2014 13 Comments

I’m trying something a little different today on Kitchen Tested. I didn’t get a chance to take step by step photos of this recipe or even a glamorous… Read More »

Guinness Chocolate Milk

In Dessert, Feeling Snacky, Holiday, Sweet On 03/13/2014 6 Comments

Well hello there, you tall chocolaty glass of milk. What makes you so dark, rich and flavorful? I just want to drink you up…and I will! Okay, I… Read More »

Cherry Tequila Sour & Cuisinart Giveaway

In Dessert, Fruit, Gluten Free, Sweet On 02/17/2014 41 Comments

It’s party time in my house! Well, really, the kids are finally back in school after way too many snow days and the Kosher Connection Link-Up this month… Read More »

Rose Bud Creme Brulee

In Dessert, Gluten Free, Holiday, Sweet On 02/10/2014 2 Comments

Creme Brulee has been on my “To Do” list for quite some time. Oh man, if  you could even see that list! It’s never ending and I just… Read More »

Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun Twist

In Breakfast, Dessert, Feeling Snacky, Gluten Free, Link-Up Recipes, Sweet On 12/16/2013 27 Comments

This months Kosher Connection Challenge is COMFORT FOOD! I put those words in all-caps because my favorite food in the world is comfort food. What I’ve learned from… Read More »