Submit your favorite unique and interesting recipes for the chance to be featured on Kitchen Tested!

All you have to do is send me an email with your own kitchen tested recipe(s), along with some pictures of your cooking process, and submit it to I will choose a new submission to be featured and it could be yours! Don’t worry if your recipe doesn’t make the cut right away because you could be next in line.

Basic information you will need to submit a recipe:

1. A recipe that is uniquely yours

2. A story behind the recipe

3. Measurements and clear directions

4. A picture of the finished product and possibly some step-by-step pictures along the way

5. Bio of the author and picture, if available

6. Link to your website, Twitter, and/or Facebook page, if available

7. You can send as many recipe as you want.

I look forward to reading your individual and exciting recipe submissions! Good luck.