Jewish Food Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2017

I know, I know, there are so many bloggers out there and it’s impossible to stalk (I mean, follow) them all! So I put together a list of my faves to help you out. A few tips I can give you to make it easier to follow all of these incredible Jewish food bloggers:

  1. Subscribe to their blogs so you get an email update when they add new recipes and articles. It’s usually only once a week, at most, so you won’t feel like you are being spammed by too many emails. 
  2. Follow them all on Instagram because they are always posting new recipes and tips that they aren’t necessarily posting on their blogs.
  3. Comment on new blog posts! Bloggers LOVE it when you comment on the blog post and not just on social media. This also means you are likely to hear back from your favorite bloggers. 

That’s it! Simple as that. So start 2017 with all of these rockin’ Jewish food bloggers and take in the new year with some seriously good noshings. This list is in no particular order because I love them all and if I missed your blog, please comment below because I want to follow you too!!! Okay, one more note: not all of these blogs are kosher so please keep that in mind while you are checking them out. Whether or not you keep kosher, these blogs are all worth following! 

Kitchen Tested – of course! 

Busy in Brooklyn

Overtime Cook

What Jew Wanna Eat

My Name is Yeh

Spice and Zest

The Nosher


The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen

The Fennel Frond

The Kosher Foodies

May I Have That Recipe

The Katamon Kitchen

Peas, Love & Carrots 

Cook With Chef Eitan

The Lemon Bowl

The Aussie Gourmet

Live Real. Eat Real.

The Modern Kosher Kitchen

My Life My Menu

The Gush Gourmet

At The Immigrant’s Table


Kim Kushner Cuisine

I Will Not Eat Oysters

This American Bite

Dini Delivers

A Jew’s Bouche

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Kosher Like Me 

Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

Lil Miss Cakes

The Kosher Spoon

Cooking With Tantrums

Toque and Scalpel


Kosher By Gloria

Pass The Challah

The Bee’s Kitchen

Food Wanderings

Cooking In Heelss

Between Carpools

Kosher Cooking Concepts

Family Friends Food

Confident Cook, Hesitant Baker

Kosher Everyday


Simply Beautiful Eating

The Kosher Tomato

Avi’s Kosher Kitchen

Yeah That’s Kosher

Levana Cooks

Joy Of Kosher