Happy Chanukah, everyone!!! Well, Chanukah doesn’t really start until tonight but I’m celebrating just a tiny bit early with Miriam from OvertimeCook, Chanie from Busy In Brooklyn, Amy from What Jew Wanna Eat and Sam from The Little Ferraro Kitchen. We’re throwing the ultimate Chanukah party and you’re invited to join us…virtually, that is. We’ve put together an entire meal from appetizer through dessert and now you won’t have any trouble planning your own Chanukah menu. Just follow our lead…

Virtual Party Menu

Appetizer: Samantha from The Little Ferraro Kitchen made Turkish Lentil Soup
Main: Melinda from Kitchen Tested (that’s me!) made a Roasted Jalapeno and Cheddar Strata
Side: Miriam from OvertimeCook made Mac and Cheese Latkes
Dessert: Amy from What Jew Wanna Eat made Deep Fried Rugelach
Drink: Chanie from Busy In Brooklyn made Gelt Hot Chocolate

Since dairy is traditionally served on Chanukah (more info about that here) and I was in charge of the main dish, I decided to go all out with the bread and cheese. I must tell you that I am obsessed with the idea of bread soaked in milk and eggs then baked with practically any ingredients you can think of. Whether it’s French toast, bread pudding or a beautiful layered strata (which is really just savory bread pudding), I am just in love with the concept. Go sweet and add chocolate chips and pecans or go savory with mushrooms and thyme…or in this case, spicy roasted jalapeños and cheddar cheese.

You can make a strata with fresh or day-old bread. That’s the beauty of this dish. If you have any leftover bread (it can be anything from crusty bread to challah), don’t throw it away! Make a strata instead.

Layer after layer of cheesy spicy goodness made just for you!

Don’t forget that you can add whatever you want to this strata. Throw some sautéed mushrooms and onions between the layers or sprinkle on some pepper jack cheese. The sky’s the limit!

Roasted Jalapeño & Cheddar Strata

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10-12 jalapeño peppers
1 tsp olive oil
1 large French baguette
5 eggs
1 cup whole milk
1/2 Tbsp dijon mustard
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
8 oz. cheddar cheese (1/2 shredded, 1/2 sliced thin)


Roasted Jalapeño Peppers
Set the oven to broil. Line a baking sheet with foil then drizzle the oil on the jalapeños and place them on the foil. Broil the jalapeños for 8-10 minutes, until charred, then flip and broil for another 5 minutes.
Place the hot jalapeños in a paper bag for 5 minutes. The steam in the bag will cause the charred skin to separate from the jalapeños so they are easy to peel. Wearing gloves, remove the skin from the jalapeños and discard it. Slice the jalapeños to remove the seeds then slice into strips and set aside.
Prepare The Strata
Lower the oven from broil to 375 degrees F. and spray a 9×13 casserole dish with cooking spray.
Slice the baguette into 1/2 inch thick pieces and place them side by side in the casserole dish.
Place a slice of cheddar cheese and a piece of the roasted jalapeño in between each layer of bread. There is no perfect way to do this so don’t worry if the cheese falls to the bottom.
Separately, stir together the eggs, milk, dijon mustard, garlic powder, salt and pepper and pour the mixture over the bread. Sprinkle the shredded cheddar over the top. Set the strata aside for 30 minutes so the egg and milk mixture can soak into the bread.
Bake the strata uncovered for 30-40 minutes, until the cheese is melted and the top of the bread is crunchy and toasted. Serve hot.
This strata can be made ahead of time and frozen for up to 3 months. You can also prepare the strata the night before and let the bread soak in the egg and milk mixture overnight then bake the next day for lunch or dinner.



1821 cal


123 g


63 g


106 g

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