Okay, so maybe I’m a little drunk. It’s just that this sweet and sour pomegranate wine from Morad Winery contains 13.5% alcohol and that is pretty darn strong! One glass and my voice is getting a bit louder. Two glasses and I am telling it like it is and grabbing some tushes. What? Nothing wrong with grabbing a tush or two when I’m drunk. It’s what I do! I’ve been enjoying Morad Pomegranate Wine for many years now so when Joy of Kosher asked me if I wanted to write a sponsored post using this wine in a few recipes, I didn’t even hesitate! This wine is made entirely with pomegranates grown in Israel and is rich in antioxidants so not only does it taste good but it’s also good for you.  So let’s open up a bottle!

Instead of drinking the pomegranate wine right from the bottle, I figured I would spice it up with some citrus, cinnamon stick and fresh rosemary then let it chill in the fridge to make a refreshing mulled wine to drink with dinner. I suggest straining the wine once it is chilled so you don’t get bits of rosemary and citrus in your drink. And instead of adding some plain boring ice cubes to the chilled mulled wine, I make my own special ice cubes with fresh pomegranate seeds and water. I love making my own flavored ice cubes for summer!

Then I put it all together. I added a few fresh pieces of citrus to each glass, poured the wine over the top, added a cinnamon stick to each cup then threw in a few homemade pomegranate ice cubes at the end. So pretty and soooooooo delicious!

Now drink it up! If any of you recognize the photo below and you’re wondering where you saw it before, check it out in the Fifty Two Frames “5PM” album on Facebook. I’m part of a photography group that submits weekly photos with a new theme each week and it has been such an incredible challenge for me. Go back and check out all of the albums. It is inspirational!

Not only is this wine great for drinking on it’s own with a few cubes of ice but it can also enhance a savory dish in place of red wine. Back in 2012, I developed a rich and filling recipe for Osso Buco using the Morad Pomegranate Wine and I still dream about it today. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m sharing this recipe on Joy of Kosher so you can all drool over it and hopefully make it for dinner tonight.

Check out the beautiful color of the pomegranate wine when you pour it into the pot with onions, carrots, celery, garlic, crushed tomatoes, sausage, fresh rosemary, bay leaf and more! So many layers of flavor.

I like to serve my Osso Bucco over a bed of mashed sweet potatoes but you can serve yours over rice, potatoes or even just eat it on it’s own. I also top my dinner with a fresh gremolata of parsley, lemon zest, garlic and toasted pine nuts. I would even add some fresh pomegranate seeds to the topping. There is seriously no wrong way to eat Osso Buco.