I spent a week in Seattle with my family and as always, I had an incredible time and the weather was PERFECTION! “What? It didn’t rain the whole time? I thought it always rains in Seattle?” Alright people, in the seven days that I watched my kids play in the park, jump on my parents trampoline, went for a boat ride on Lake Washington, swam in my parents pool, enjoyed Bamboo Garden before Passover began and then went to Synagogue during the Holiday, it only rained once. ONCE! I kinda wish we had time to go on a hike but I’ll save that for my next trip to Seattle, which will actually be very soon and I looooooove Summer in Seattle.

I don’t really do any cooking when I come home because my parents hire the most amazing chef on the planet (we forever love you Thierry!) to come cook all of our Passover meals and he is insanely talented. He is originally from France and he loves butter! Since Thierry doesn’t really bake for Passover, I decided to make a few desserts to have around the house as snacks and also to serve at our Seder meals. So here are a few of the gluten free things I made…Lemon Meringue Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate Love Muffins (with almond butter), Cinnamon Raisin (and Chocolate Chip) Mandelbrodt and 5 Minute Banana Muffins. I wanted to make this rich chocolate cake and these maple pecan muffins also but my dad said I was using up all the honey and maple syrup so he cut me off. Oh man, and a not-so-gluten-free treat that I wish I was eating but I must share anyways: Passover Coconut Macaroon Twix Bars.

Here are some pics of my trip…

Me and my beautiful (and forever young) mother are really good at taking selfies

Mini class reunion with one of my closest friends, Puff, and her awesomely adorable kids! Her name is really Leah but if you look at her boys’ hair, you can see why we call her Puff :)

Say hi to Thierry (and my dad photobombing)

Getting ready to go for a boat ride on Lake Washington. Safety first!

My husband, Justin, enjoying the Northwest in style

Lots of turtles just hanging out, sunning themselves on logs. Gotta love nature! This was my favorite turtle. So tiny and all alone.

More nature! A heron hanging out and the kids quietly gazing.

Enjoying the pool this early in April is a very special treat

Do we need to talk about how my son is a clone of his uncle Josh?!? You can’t see it in this picture but Josh (aka “Red”) has long curly red hair. I prefer it short but whatever makes him happy, right? Right???

Matching goofy cousins hovering above the trampoline. I am totally obsessed with this picture!!!

Delicious kissing cousins :)

And that’s my trip, in a nutshell. Now back to New York and back to reality. See you soon, Seattle!!!