Okay, so I know it isn’t MY Pike Place Market, but it sure feels that way when I go there. Fish flying, flowers blooming, fresh seasonal vegetables everywhere you turn, and dozens of vendors peddling their homemade products. I am still gushing over the $100 artisan cutting board that I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase.

Everywhere you turn, someone wants to help you find exactly what you are looking for and no one is rudely pushing their products on you. It’s refreshing! I’m inspired around every corner to taste new foods and create new dishes.

On this specific trip to Pike Place Market, while on vacation in Seattle, I wasn’t just a wandering tourist dreaming of purchasing $10 bouquets of fragrant flowers and meaty heirloom tomatoes to bring home to my family.

On this trip, my mother and I, with Zach in tow, were shopping for a huge Shabbos meal of 14 adults and countless children. We were ready to buy a trunk-full of fruits and vegetables and I had no idea what was in store! My mom led me to her favorite shop in the market, Sosio’s Fruit & Produce, and the friendly staff smiled and said hello.

I watched in awe as my mom walked right up to one of the vendors and asked her to help us package up all of our food. So there I was, telling this sweet stranger to get me onions, potatoes, lettuce, apples, broccoli, herbs, etc. and she just bounced around the produce stand like there was no one else in the market. She was our own personal shopper and it was incredible to see her endless energy. Must be that Seattle air! We even let Zach have his own “goody bag” to fill with whatever he wanted from the shop.

I just couldn’t resist the multi-colored heirloom tomatoes, fresh corn and varieties of lettuce, but the best thing we bought at Sosio’s were the “Holy Sh*t” peaches.

In fact, Zach dove right in to one of those juicy ripe peach right there in the stall.

After buying a months worth of produce, we walked around the Market just to walk around. It was glorious. And when we were ready to leave, we returned to Sosio’s and a staff member helped us carry all of our produce back to the car. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.

So that’s it! My very own Pike Place Market. Nothing too crazy about it, just a beautiful farmers market filled with seasonal produce, fresh sea food, sweet and delicious honey and sweets, and all types of homemade trinkets. I wish I could spend every week shopping at the Market for my Shabbos produce, but alas, I live across the country in New York and my the closest thing I have to a top-quality farmers market is Trader Joes. I will just have to countdown to my next trip to Seattle. 2 months…1 month…