I’m not the kind of person who really makes my own baby food. I would rather just buy it in a jar off the shelf. Between Beech Nut and Earth’s Best, both kosher brands, there are so many fun flavors to chose from and my daughter, Nora, gets a full variety of foods. The one thing that is really missing is protein. You can get mixed fruit yogurt and lentils, but that’s pretty much it. So I thought I would make my own soup so Nora could get more protein in her diet. At first, I was going to just make a chicken soup and blend it up, but then I saw the ground veal and thought “this is not only healthy, but a little different than the average food my daughter eats.” And to make life a little easier, I bought pre-made soups that were low in sodium. This recipe is so simple and yummy, you might just want to make it for yourself and keep it chunky.

Veal Minestrone Soup Ingredients

1 package ground lean veal

1 container fresh vegetable soup (buy low sodium, if possible)

1 container fresh minestrone soup (also buy low sodium, if possible)

*you can also make your own vegetable minestrone soup

All I had to do was pour the containers of vegetable soup and minestrone soup, which contained a huge variety of veggies and noodles to add some carbs, and then added the ground veal. If you are making the soup yourself, you can use whole wheat noodles or rice to make it even healthier. I put the pot on the stove and let it cook on high for 45 minutes so the veal would cook through and the flavors could meld together. When the soup was done, I tasted it before grinding it up and the flavors were delicious. In f act, I think I will make this soup for dinner during the week. Very healthy.

I blended the entire pot of soup until completely smooth and thick. I certainly don’t want Nora, who is currently 7 months old, eating chunks of anything yet. No teeth in that adorable mouth of hers. I let the soup cool and placed it in small containers from Ikea.

The containers went right in to the freezer, except for one, which I gave to Nora right away. As you can see below, she was very happy with the product!