While grocery shopping, I walked right in to a bag of tempura mix! Literally. It fell off of the shelf and right in my cart. Was it a sign? I like to pretend it was. I figured I would batter some kind of fish and make it for dinner one night, but instead, Justin and I decided to fry stuff. We knew we were going to fry Oreos, but what else could we find in the pantry to dip in batter and throw in a very hot pot of canola oil…oh just wait and see!

I actually find it kinda of funny that I learned how to make fried O on an episode of America’s Next Top Model. Ann, the super tall awkward girl and winner of cycle 15, made fried Oreos in the Top Model house and I thought that was great. She dipper her Oreos in pancake batter, which sounds so yummy, but I thought I would try tempura mix so they wouldn’t be too sweet.

So we searched the pantry! At first, we had an Oreo, a marshmallow, and a chocolate candy bar.

The snacks were dipped in the batter and then went in to a pot of super hot canola oil. I love the way the batter puffs up when it fries. Yum!

I learned a valuable lesson with the marshmallow. It must be frozen first! The room temperature marshmallow completely melted and all I had left was the tempura shell (which tasted just fine on its own). The chocolate bar was pretty good, but the Oreo was the star of the show! We ate it right up and then made another…and another!

When we finished shoving fried Oreos down our throats, the search continued. What else could we fry? And then it happened…Justin picked up the clementine! I wish I took pictures of it but we were too busy savoring every bite of the deep-fried clementine. Can you even imagine it? I cut the tiny orange in half, dipped it in batter, and then threw that sucker in the pot. What came out was glorious. Now let me give you a tip if you ever decide to fry your own orange: cut it up in to bite size pieces before eating it or the orange juice will end up all over you. Worth every calorie!