Liver and onions! Ew! That’s what everyone I spoke to was saying when I told them that I wanted to make liver and onions at home. My husband, on the other hand, couldn’t be more excited! A few months after our wedding in 2006, we took a winter trip to Amsterdam and had one of the best meals we ever ate together. I wish I could remember the name of the kosher restaurant that we ate at, but I am also told that it closed, so I guess it doesn’t really matter anyways. What does matter is that we will never forget the meal of chicken livers, sautéed onions and oily french fries. It was insane!

So when I was at the grocery store and saw raw chicken livers for $3.00, I had to buy them. While the slimy meat sat in my fridge, I found out from my father-in-law, who owns a catering company, that I would have to kasher them myself in order to eat them.  Kashering is a process that renders a utensil or food fit for use (“kosher”) by removing material that has been absorbed in it. For livers, I would have to render out the blood inside of the livers since blood is not kosher (which is too bad since blood sausage looks amazing).

So I made my own homemade kashering vessel so the blood in the livers could fall through the holes and no longer stay in contact with the meat.

The livers broiled until just turning brown on both sides. It really didn’t take more than 10 minutes.

 The biggest question I got from friends was why kasher the livers when I could just buy them already kashered. Well…I just wanted to try it! It seemed to easy to just buy the kashered livers. Turns out kashering is easier than I thought and I’m glad I tried it.

Now on the cooking the liver and onions!

After sautéing the onions to a beautiful golden color, I added the chicken livers, which were dredged in flour, and let them cook together in the pan until the flour was cooked out. That’s all it takes! Add some salted potatoes and sweet potatoes and the meal is ready! My husband was licking his plate. Success!

*for more on the reasons for kashering, here is a link you can check out: