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Pink Champagne Ombre Cake

In Candy, Dessert, Holiday, Sweet On 05/03/2012 11 Comments

Happy 29th birthday to me! I decided last year that I would start making my own birthday cake and I’m so happy with that decision. Sure, someone could… Read More »

Mock Crab Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

In Articles, Dinner, Feeling Snacky, Holiday, Hors D'oeuvres, Savory On 04/30/2012 0 Comments

Check out my Mock Crab Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers on My Imperfect Kitchen! And just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Here’s a taste of what you’ll see… I’m… Read More »

From Shakshuka to Matbucha…

In Breakfast, Diet, Dinner, Holiday, Lunch, Savory On 04/26/2012 5 Comments

In honor of Yom Ha’azmaut (Israel Independence Day) today, I decided to make a traditional Israeli dish that I’ve always wanted to try – Shakshuka – eggs poached… Read More »

Shlissel Challah (Key Challah)

In Bread, Holiday, Sweet On 04/20/2012 5 Comments

It all happened so fast! I was on Facebook stalking my friends and fellow food bloggers when I started to see an unfamiliar trend all over my friends… Read More »

Veal Tongue Stew

In Diet, Savory On 04/18/2012 1 Comment

I’ve been eating beef tongue my entire life. My grandmother used to boil whole tongues right on her stove and I always found it so fascinating. A cow… Read More »

Chocolate Marshmallow Crunch Log

In Candy, Dessert, Feeling Snacky, Holiday, Sweet On 04/12/2012 0 Comments

We always have tons of snack around the house over Passover. Most of them are not even close to healthy and for some reason, my diet goes out… Read More »

Blender Banana “Any Way You Want It” Ice Cream

In Dessert, Diet, Feeling Snacky, Holiday, Ice Cream, Sweet On 04/04/2012 7 Comments

Not too long ago, I had 5 overripe bananas so I asked my Facebook fans to share some suggestions and recipes for anything delicious to do with those bananas…besides… Read More »

Beef-Bacon Wrapped, Stuffed Passover Sausage

In Dinner, Holiday, Hors D'oeuvres, Kosher Bacon, Savory On 03/29/2012 3 Comments

What can I say about this recipe? I was actually speechless after I took my first bite and I’m kind of still speechless about it now. Jack’s Gourmet… Read More »

Braised Short Rib Passover Sandwich

In Articles, Bread, Dinner, Holiday, Leftovers, Savory On 03/26/2012 0 Comments

One of my favorite Passover indulgences is a huge plate of delicious braised beef short ribs! But I have to admit that I’ve never been the one making… Read More »

Alfajores with Non-Dairy Dulce de Leche

In Dessert, Feeling Snacky, Holiday, Sweet On 02/14/2012 3 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t really celebrate this Hallmark holiday since I like to pretend that every day is Valentine’s Day with my husband (yeah right), but I… Read More »