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Krembo Hamantaschen

Krembo Hamantaschen

In Cookies, Dessert, Holiday, Sweet On 02/23/2017 2 Comments

Somehow I went through my entire life without ever eating a krembo! What was I thinking?!? Chocolate coating, fluffy meringue filling, biscuit on the bottom. There is literally nothing wrong with… Read More »

S'mores Latkes

S’mores Latkes

In Dessert, Holiday, Sweet On 11/24/2015 4 Comments

There are just no words. I mean, it’s toasted marshmallows and chocolate drizzle allllllll over crunchy sweet potato graham cracker latkes! Most latkes I eat on Chanukah are savory… Read More »

S’mores CARA-MEL’S

In Candy, CARA-MEL'S, Dessert, Feeling Snacky, Sweet On 02/12/2012 2 Comments

I’m excited to introduce CARA-MEL’S first specialty flavor: S’mores. Chewy cara-mel sandwiched between two layers of graham cracker, dipped in high-end dark chocolate and topped with a chocolate-dipped… Read More »