Try Something New!

There are those of us who eat only to fuel our bodies with the necessary nutrition to be able to live, and then there are those of us who live to eat. Those of us who are self-proclaimed food enthusiasts are always looking for new recipes to create into dazzling masterpieces on our range cookers. We are always scouring the web, cook books, cooking shows on tv, searching for the next new meal to whip up to delight our every taste bud. For the ‘foodie’ in all of us, here are some mouth-watering recipes sure to awaken your taste buds and please our distinguished taste buds.

Looking for a way to spice up the healthy and tasty yet gets-boring-fast boneless skinless chicken breast? No problem. After cooking however many chicken breasts you require, place them on a baking sheet and cover each with a salsa of your choice. Pop into the oven under the low broil setting and remove once the salsa begins to bubble, around one minute. Serve with the cinnamon sweet potatoes found below for an incredibly flavorful meal.

If you’re a fan of pumpkin pie but not a fan of what it does to your waistline, then cinnamon sweet potatoes are for you. Cook and mash four sweet potatoes, then add in one tablespoon of each of cinnamon, white sugar, milk and butter and mix well. The result? Healthy sweet potatoes that taste like pumpkin pie.

There you have it! Some marvelously flavorful new dishes to try out on your range cooker that are delicious enough for your next dinner party, and simple enough for a night in alone.