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Pomegranate Chocolate Mousse

In Dessert, Diet, Feeling Snacky, Fruit, Gluten Free, Holiday, Sweet On 09/16/2013 9 Comments

In the spirit of the Jewish High Holidays, the Kosher Connection link-up this month is all about “spreading the joy!” This is an important time of year for… Read More »

Flaxseed Coconut Pancakes with Fresh Blueberries

In Breakfast, Dessert, Diet, Feeling Snacky, Gluten Free, Sweet On 09/12/2013 22 Comments

Flaxseed is my new obsession! I always thought people just sprinkled flaxseed in their cereal and in smoothies to make them healthier but as it turns out, flaxseed… Read More »

Jalapeño Pesto Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella

In Condiments, Diet, Dinner, Gluten Free, Leftovers, Lunch, Noodles, Savory On 09/09/2013 12 Comments

Sometimes the simplest recipes have the most impact. And sometimes the fresh vegetables and fruits in my garden inspire those recipes. I know, I know…more garden recipes! I… Read More »

Prickly Pear Jam (with Lamb Bacon)

In Condiments, Dessert, Feeling Snacky, Fruit, Gluten Free, Holiday, Kosher Bacon, Sweet On 08/28/2013 11 Comments

I love making homemade jams and preserves and this recipe is my new favorite! Fall is the season of new fruits and when I found these beautiful bright… Read More »

Apple and Red Currant Cobbler with Gingerbread Topping

In Cookies, Dessert, Feeling Snacky, Fruit, Gluten Free, Holiday, Sweet On 08/19/2013 13 Comments

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is quickly approaching and I can’t remember when it has ever been so early in the year! Summer is ending and the… Read More »

Shaved Zucchini Salad with Honey-Lemon Dressing

In Diet, Dinner, Gluten Free, Lunch, Savory On 08/15/2013 8 Comments

Another great recipe inspired by my garden! My zucchini plant, which is practically taking over my garden, is finally growing beautiful green squash and I am jumping for… Read More »

Meatballs and Green Tomato Sauce

In Condiments, Diet, Dinner, Gluten Free, Savory On 08/13/2013 11 Comments

This recipe was inspired by my garden, which is really blooming now! Every morning, I check on the garden and pick anything that is ripe and ready to… Read More »

Roasted Branzino Rice Paper Tacos

In Condiments, Diet, Dinner, Feeling Snacky, Gluten Free, Lunch, Savory On 08/08/2013 10 Comments

From the time my husband brought home a package of rice paper wraps a few months ago, I started jumping from one recipe idea to another, trying to… Read More »

Salmon Burgers on Tomato Basil Buns {Gluten Free}

In Bread, Condiments, Diet, Gluten Free, Lunch, Savory On 08/05/2013 11 Comments

As many of you now know, I am trying out a gluten free lifestyle and so far, it’s been amazing! I don’t think gluten free is for everyone… Read More »

Sweet Potato Toffee Ice Cream

In Candy, Dessert, Gluten Free, Ice Cream, Sweet On 08/01/2013 15 Comments

I guess by now you all know that I have an obsession with making ice cream. I just can’t help myself! I love the creamy texture and how… Read More »