When I think about Passover, all I can think about is food! I know it may seem crazy to some of you but I absolutely love Passover food. Matzah, matzah, and more matzah! It’s all about matzah pizza, matzah brei and especially maztah with fluffy cream cheese and jam. So when I was asked to write a few recipes using Temp Tee Whipped Cream Cheese for the JoyofKosher.com ‘Matzah Fatigue’ campaign, I knew I would have no problem putting together a few amazing recipes. Since a simple matzah with cream cheese recipe isn’t really ‘Kitchen Tested’, I thought I would take it one step further….okay, maybe more than one step. How about Passover enchiladas with homemade matzah meal tortillas, flavorful red enchilada sauce and jalapeno cream cheese filling?!? Oh, and did I mention that we’ll be eating honey and orange juice roasted plums stuffed with honey cinnamon cream cheese and topped with crunchy pistachios? Yup! You can make these recipes simply using the #1 brand of whipped cream cheese in NYC on JoyofKosher.com.

Let’s start with the Passover Enchiladas! There are alot of fresh ingredients in this recipe but it couldn’t be easier to put together. I combined all of the ingredients for the red enchilada sauce in a food processor and blended for a minute or two. I placed the sauce in a pan and simmered for 10 minutes, until thick. I set the sauce aside.

Next came the jalapeno cream cheese. I sauteed the onions and chopped jalapeno until translucent then added the Temp Tee Whipped Cream Cheese and combined. I added the spices, stirred and set the mixture aside to cool.

My favorite part of this process was definitely making the Passover tortillas. I used a basic tortilla recipe but swapped out the flour for fine matzah meal, also known as cake meal. I just combined all of the cake meal, warm water, olive oil and salt with my hands then separated the dough into 6 pieces and rolled out between 2 pieces of parchment paper until round and very flat. I cooked the flat tortillas on a nonstick griddle for 2 minutes on each side.

While the tortillas were still warm, I filled each one with a few tablespoons of the jalapeno cream cheese and rolled. I placed the rolled tortillas in a casserole dish filled with half of the red enchilada sauce.

I covered the rolled tortillas with the remaining sauce and topped with cheese. I baked until the cheese was melted. Yum!

Now on to dessert! This recipe is adapted from marthastewart.com and it is just so simple! This dish originally began with stuffed fresh figs (thanks to a beautifully simple recipe for cream cheese stuffed figs with honey drizzle and sprinkled pistachios from Yosef from This American Bite and his wife, Daniella Silver from This American Mama) but figs aren’t exactly in season. I had to tread outside the box and I thought plums would be the perfect match. I sliced the plums in half and placed in a preheated casserole dish with orange juice and honey.

While the plums were roasting, I made the Temp Tee whipped cream cheese topping. I stirred together the cream cheese, honey and cinnamon. Not much more to it!

After 30 minutes, the plums were roasted. Check out those beautiful plums! I could eat them just like this but the cream cheese adds something really special.

I topped the plums with a dollop of the honey cinnamon cream cheese and some chopped pistachios.

For the full recipes, check out the Temp Tee Matzah Fatigue campaign on JoyofKosher.com.

Passover Enchiladas

Cream Cheese Stuffed Plums