As you all know, I am all about getting creative with ingredients in the kitchen but what you might not know is that my creativity doesn’t usually extend to other aspects of my life. I browse Pinterest on a daily basis and I get so inspired by all of the ingenious inventions and designs but I never have the patience to try them for myself. From DIY skirts made from old t-shirts to a trash can turned in to a gorgeous side table, I just drool over it all! So with my sons 4th birthday looming, I finally decided to put my creativity to the test! Since he is completely obsessed with superheroes, like so many little boys his age, I figured a superhero themed party was the way to go. So I created a Pinterest board called ‘Party Party’ and started filling it with inspiration from other bloggers superhero parties, as well as websites with printables and cake ideas. The ideas started to flow and the party was planned! So here we go…

The afternoon (Zach’s party was on a Thursday after school) began with two fun personalized welcome signs. You can find tons of personalized printables on sites like You can also just google “free superhero printables” and you’ll find tons of amazing options. I also hung signs on the outside walls of my home so anyone who had never been over before could easily find us. Very easy to tell people that we are the grey house on the corner but sometimes people just get lost!

I really loved me some superhero printables and put them wherever I could…

The sun was shining and the weather was perfect so the kids played in the yard for 45 minutes before coming inside for projects and dinner. They were all over the place and some of the kids even dressed up in superhero costumes. Good job, Alex and Ari!

Zach and his Saba Larry chose superhero t-shirts instead of all-out costumes. So cute!

And can we talk about the cuteness that is my almost-2-year-old daughter, Nora! She had a blast at the party and practically ate the entire time. I had her special superhero necklace shirt made by Bella Mia Design Co. Isn’t it adorable??? Nora is eating a yummy homemade cake pop. We’ll talk about those more later…

When the kids were beginning to tire out from running around the yard, we brought them inside for superhero cape decorating! I set up two folding tables that I covered in fun superhero paper tablecloths for easy clean-up and great impact. Each chair had a homemade no-sew cape on the back and the table was covered in foam stickers. Click HERE for a tutorial from me on making no-sew capes. So simple and much cheaper than buying capes. All of the parents were very impressed by my creativity :)

The kids had such a great time and it was great to see Zachy using his creativity as well!

When the kids were done decorating their capes, I used foam sticker letters to place the initials of each child on his or her cape then we moved on to cookie decorating! A few days before the party, I prepared delicious sugar cookies (thanks to Amy Atlas for the recipe) and cut out shapes using these awesome Marvel Comics Hero Cookie Cutters! At the party, we passed around the cookies and let the kids draw all over them with edible markers. The kids could either eat their cookies right there or they could take them home in red paper bags.

And then came the food! Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, popcorn, cake pops, fruit salad, water and juice boxes. All of the food was served on superhero supplies that I purchased online. Always a good idea to pre-plate with 4-year-olds since they will be very hungry! The kids scarfed down the food and couldn’t wait to get to the cake! Yup, I made my very first 2-tiered birthday cake and I couldn’t be any happier with how it came out!  I will be writing a guest post for Joy of Kosher on how to stack a cake for amateurs and I will post it once it’s live. Until then, just know that stacking a cake is easier than you think so don’t be intimidated. And enjoy my beautiful superhero cake! If you want to try stacking your own cake right now, just use double my Rainbow Layer Cake recipe.

If you’re wondering about the wrapped box next to the cake, I wanted to add different heights to the table so I wrapped an empty box with superhero wrapping paper and placed the water bottles on top. Just a little extra impact for the table!

Yup, that’s me in a Wonder Woman t-shirt helping Zachy blow out his awesome Spider Man candle! How could I NOT dress up for my sons party?!? After cake and cake pops (which were made from the cake sliced off to even out the layers in the birthday cake), the kids ran around in their new superhero capes then the party was over! Each kid took home a superhero tote with a red mask, their cookies and capes. What a success!

Check out the aftermath! And thanks to my wonderful husband, Justin (in his awesome Flash t-shirt), for cleaning up!!!

Happy birthday Zachy! I love you so much and I had such a great time pushing the limits of my creativity for your awesome superhero party.